Looking for self-growth & empowerment through healing & spirituality or some self-help tools? Cosmicx Healing Art is the ideal destination for you! We love the process of self-finding and would love to have you. Established in 2004, Cosmicx Healing Art is a complete self-growth, health, meditation, healing, spiritual & artistic venue for all beings. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced traveler in the journey of life, we have something to offer you and guide you throughout your journey..

For over 13 years Kripajyoti Nisha Singla, as a spiritual healer in Delhi is offering quality healing, spirituality based courses, workshops & artwork to the masses. Our objective is to spread spiritual skill sets across the planet. Who are ready to make this choice of living their life in Creation, who choose to operate out of awareness but don't know how to become that awareness. We offer soul searching, soul healing, energy healing techniques, healing touch, healing courses, meditations, reiki, reiki courses, chakra healing, aura reading, theta healing, access bars, family constellation, frequency& life purpose/ life path alignment, inner light activation, healing art, spiritual art, Higher self-artwork to all the fellow traveler in this journey called life!

May you be Blessed Always!!

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Cosmicx Healing Art


We at Cosmicx Healing Art provide you with spiritual skill sets to make your life & living better. We believe in self-help & responsibility towards your life, your body,& its wellbeing. The more you are ready to take that responsibility, the more we are keen to help you with the process. Ultimately it is you & your creation. We only act as a catalyst & support to bring you to a state of wellbeing & complete health. The more open you are to choose the changes, the more wellbeing we provide you through our various services. We believe that our clients are the resource of everything. Kripajyoti as a spiritual healer in Delhi helps you find that resource within. Our work emphasizes on the acceptance & acknowledgement of who you are as a human being and thus creating a valued life for yourself, being supported by us in that process. We focus on balancing the inner you & the outer you.

Cosmicx Healing Art


Cosmicx Healing art is a blend of healing services, coaching services, spiritual trainings & cosmic vibration artwork to harmonize your body, mind,& soul. We offer a variety of spiritual workshops, healing courses, higher self-art, individual sessions, Reiki classes, theta healing classes, family-relationship constellation, access bar classes, meditation techniques, coaching services wherein a person can bring positive shift in his/her life. Our spiritual healer in Delhi also offers customized vibrational, healing art & higher self-artwork which is highly meditative & provides wellbeing.

our features
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Kripajyoti Nisha Singla is an excellent therapist. I have personally benefited by her healing in many aspects of my life. Highly recommended, some souls are pure channels of love & light and she is one of them J God Bless always.  Read More...
I Know Kripa from past 8 years. I have been graceful to be assisted by her to heal many of my internal unresolved issues. Her Family Constellation therapy has been extremely effective which gave me clarity to pursue my soul journey. Thanks.  Read More...
- Vibha Ravee, Image Consultant, Delhi
The healing sessions & the workshop helped me to move towards my Life purpose. It also gave me the understanding of being a Divine channel for others matrix. I found great satisfaction being part of this process. Thanks Kripa.  Read More...
- Capt. Ravee, Managing Director, Delhi
Thank you for helping me through your very powerful Energy constellation workshops. Each time these have heralded powerful and amazing changes in my life. I remember the first time I was in deep pain emotionally and when I walked out that evening, I was in acceptance and pain free in months....I had healed..  Read More...
- Gurrit Kaur Sethi, Delhi
Deep gratitude Kripa! I feel blessed to know you. Thank you for making me aware, thank you for helping me know myself, for helping me reach all the hidden corners of myself. From personal sessions to workshops to classes, your guidance has changed me completely. From theta sessions to meditation classes to theta classes to bars classes, it's been a long and beautiful journey which  Read More...
- Anu Dandia
Cosmicx Healing Art Testimonial Monika
I just wanted to say a big thanks to you. At first I was skeptical, but after a session I totally changed my perspective on life in general. From start to finish my session was so helpful and I felt healed, understood, listened to, loved, safe and nurtured. You removed blocks I didn't even know I had and have assisted in getting me back walking  Read More...
- Monika, Founder
My interest towards spirituality was developed by a close friend and mentor. Since then I have been practicing some modalities. While doing so, there came many half disclosed facts, of which I couldn't make much sense. I went to Nisha and then begins the magic. In the very first session I got some answers which I was looking for and got guidance on many. I  Read More...
- Maj. Harshwardhan Singh Padampura

Cosmicx Healing Art

KripaJyoti Nisha Singla
Ramprastha Colony
opp. Vivek Vihar, East Delhi, India.

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Cosmicx healing art is a blend of both healing and art. Here we believe that everything in this universe comes from one Divine Source. Cosmic as the name means extra-terrestrial vastness concerned with abstract metaphysical and spiritual matters, we offer the same metaphysical experiences through healing sessions, workshops and spiritual, healing, meditative...

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    Weekend Online Zoom Meditation program in May 2023!


    Weekend Online Zoom Meditation Program in 2023 Every Month a new theme!




      Weekend Online Zoom Meditation Program in 2023 Every Month a new theme!
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