Looking for self-growth & empowerment through healing & spirituality or some self-help tools? Cosmicx Healing Art is the ideal destination for you! We love the process of self-finding and would love to have you. Established since 2014, Cosmicx Healing Art is a complete self-growth, health, meditation, healing, spiritual & artistic venue for all beings. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced traveller in the journey of life, we have something to offer you and guide you throughout your journey..

For over 15 years Kripajyoti Nisha Singla, as a spiritual healer in Delhi is offering quality healing, spirituality-based courses, workshops & artwork to the masses. Our objective is to spread spiritual skill sets across the planet. Who are ready to make this choice of living their life in Creation, who choose to operate out of awareness but don’t know how to become that awareness. We offer soul searching, soul healing, energy healing techniques, healing touch, healing courses, meditations, reiki, reiki courses, chakra healing, aura reading, theta healing, access bars, family constellation, frequency& life purpose/ life path alignment, inner light activation, healing art, spiritual art, Higher self-artwork to all the fellow traveller in this journey called life!

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Join Monthly Online Live Meditation Program In June’23  On Forgiveness 

Join me for a

Weekend Online Zoom Meditation program in June 2023
Topic: Forgiveness
Every Saturday & Sunday 6.30am- 7.30am
LIVE On Zoom
Starting 3rd June’23 -Saturday
Get 30% off on Rs 6999 Pay Only Rs.4900/- for month
(Only for first 10 addmisions)

What do you get in this one month

What people has to say about my Online meditation program

Vijay Rana

I have attended meditation sessions with Nisha and it has helped me to maintain my emotional balance. It is also helping me to improve my inner strength.

Ambika Bawa

Online Guided Meditation with Nisha for the month of March were really empowering. These meditations really took me on a self-healing journey as she took me deeper into the meditation using sound bowls. I felt lot of energetic releases and healing taking place during and after the sessions. Besides that, she was always available for post session support. I am really grateful that I could be part of these meditation series. Looking forward for next month series.

Monthly Calendar

March Meditation


April Meditation


May Meditation

Giving & receiving

June Meditation


July Meditation


August Meditation

Inner strength

September Meditation

Overcoming failure

& reaching Success

October Meditation

Finding love

November Meditation


December Meditation



Kripajyoti Nisha Singla

Kripajyoti Nisha Singla: I help you to gain clarity & confidence by balancing your giving & receiving with my meditation program. You often give more than you receive. With the help of these meditations, I can open your giving & receiving by removing blocks. I have worked with people from various age groups in the past 19 years clearing their self-doubts and healing them to become more functional in their lives by giving them tools. I am a survivor & knows how to pull you out of your patterns to create a more fulfilling life. I would love to support you through this giving & receiving journey with my meditations.

Still not sure whether online meditation is for you then know that energy travels beyond distance. These are live classes on zoom with very powerful healing effect.


Online meditation is just like any other meditation program only on zoom. You are in your place and you attend it via zoom invite.

Yes, Online classes are the same these are live classes and will bring change into your life. It is like listening to a guided meditation and following it through. The energy heals across distance as well.

No refunds are there.

. If you miss a class then you miss it. It is not a recorded course. It is a live program on zoom which you must attend every weekend in order to experience changes in your life

Yes, it is a weekend monthly program. Number of classes 8-10 depending on the number of weekends

Yes, that is what it will be about. I will be helping you to focus and follow my voice in this process. You will not get lost. It will be very easy. You will also get group support via WhatsApp.

Get 30% off on Rs 6999 Pay Only Rs.4900/- for month
(Only for first 10 addmisions)

Cosmicx Healing Art

KripaJyoti Nisha Singla
Ramprastha Colony
opp. Vivek Vihar, East Delhi, India

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Cosmicx healing art is a blend of both healing
and art. Here we believe that everything in
this universe comes from one Divine Source.
Cosmic as the name means extra-terrestrial
vastness concerned with abstract
metaphysical and spiritual matters, we offer
the same metaphysical experiences through
healing sessions, workshops and spiritual,
healing, meditative…
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    Weekend Online Zoom Meditation program in May 2023!


    Weekend Online Zoom Meditation Program in 2023 Every Month a new theme!




      Weekend Online Zoom Meditation Program in 2023 Every Month a new theme!
      "Fees: Rs.5000/- per month"